Reverse Engineering

Our design capabilities and experience of coordinate measurement machines enables T&T precision to offer customers reverse engineering services and solutions.

Our design team are skilled in deconstructing an object and collecting data from a piece of equipment, object or system often when there is no digital data or drawings available to analyse.
We can construct a 3D CAD model based on the use of various 3D digitising technologies to capture important geometry from a part or tool where a CAD model has been lost or is non-existent.
A wide range of CAD data formats can be provided once the reverse engineering process is completed.

The 3D data captured can then be used to develop tooling including moulds, dies and fixtures as well as a basis for quality inspection.


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Sectors we service

T & T Precision has a long association and proven track record within the aerospace, medical device, food & drug, and plastic industries, providing innovative and complex precision engineering solutions.