T&T Precision has recently launched an applications centre.

This is an offsite, fully managed, machine validation service that reduces the risks of cross contamination, minimises downtime and maximises utilized space onsite for the client.

  • Support at design for manufacturability stage of process to ensure work holding and machining strategy is considered as part of overall product design.
  • Machine tool selection analysis and reports to ensure the best machine tool is selected when commencing your project.
  • Complete turnkey solutions from product drawing to complete machining process.


Contact a member of our Design Consultancy or Precision Engineering Teams today!


  • "T & T precision have been supplying high-end customised work-holding solutions, precision gauging, machining strategies & applications to Stryker for the past 16 years. The team of design engineers, skilled Toolmakers & regular support visits plays a huge role in the development & lean process of all projects in Stryker. The quality of work produced is consistant to the highest standard. All jobs are dealt with in a timely professional manner."

    Richard RocheStryker IRL
  • "We at Merck Millpore hugely benefit from T & T Precision Ltd. They are a one stop shop for design, manufacture & contract workers. Their in-depth knowledge of moulding, preventative maintainence & project management allows us internally to concentrate on other projects. With a no nonsense approach to over hauling-tools, debugging & innovate solutions, coupled with the honesty & trust which is embedded in every step they take, makes T & T Precision a loyal partner"

    Martin CagneyMerck Millipore