Delivering precision engineering solutions,
continuous improvements and cost reductions
We don’t just create, we innovate

Delivering engineered manufacturing innovation
& 50 years combined expertise
to each and every project

Precision Manufacturing Expertise

T & T Precision specialises in the manufacture of precision machined components to customer specification and requirements, from batch production runs to one-off prototypes and development work.

We now work with many of the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies in the Aerospace, Medical device, food & drug and Plastics industries.

Whether you’re a start-up company, involved in product development and prototyping or you’re an established global manufacturing company, we will provide you with an experienced engineering support environment that’s reliable, flexible, resourceful and can deliver product and services on time and within budget.


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Sectors we service

T & T Precision has a long association and proven track record within the aerospace, medical device, food & drug, and plastic industries, providing innovative and complex precision engineering solutions.

What we deliver

T & T Precision are dedicated to understanding each client’s needs and project management requirements,  in order to deliver continuous improvements and cost reductions.

We work closely with clients to offer bespoke precision engineering and manufacturing solutions at every stage of a project from the simplest requirements to highly complex projects, designs and processes.

  • Precision engineering
  • Innovative solutions
  • Manufacturing expertise
  • Exceptional service and reliability
  • Design technologies

Why Work with us?

We aim not only to meet client expectations but to DELIGHT our customers offering a technical leadership, innovation and 50 years combined expertise to each and every project.

  • Constantly motivated to improve and deliver world-class solutions
  • Innovative design approach creating cost competitive manufacturing solutions
  • Highly trained and educated staff, dedicated to delivering exceptional service
  • Leading edge software & machines within our manufacturing facility
  • Twin cycle shift to ensure short lead times within agreed timelines


  • T & T Precision are supporting TRS Global with many years. Their design, manufacturing, metrology & applications support which is offered to us is of the highest standard. T & T Precision are an extension to our Engineering department whose opinion is valuable to us when we are making decisions on critical issues related to our business model. They are very generous with their support & genuinely care for TRS Global.

    Kevin McCarthyTRS Global
  • "T & T precision have been supplying high-end customised work-holding solutions, precision gauging, machining strategies & applications to Stryker for the past 16 years. The team of design engineers, skilled Toolmakers & regular support visits plays a huge role in the development & lean process of all projects in Stryker. The quality of work produced is consistant to the highest standard. All jobs are dealt with in a timely professional manner."

    Richard RocheStryker IRL
  • "We at Merck Millpore hugely benefit from T & T Precision Ltd. They are a one stop shop for design, manufacture & contract workers. Their in-depth knowledge of moulding, preventative maintainence & project management allows us internally to concentrate on other projects. With a no nonsense approach to over hauling-tools, debugging & innovate solutions, coupled with the honesty & trust which is embedded in every step they take, makes T & T Precision a loyal partner"

    Martin CagneyMerck Millipore

Who we do business with


T & T Precision are dedicated to understanding each client’s needs and project management requirements.